Catalan Politician’s Tax Fraud Overshadows Independence Campaign Reply

Jordi Pujol conman

Irish–The revelation that the self-styled godfather of Catalan nationalism, Jordi Pujol, hid a fortune (two billion euros at last estimation) in tax havens for decades has thrown the region’s governing party into turmoil and threatened to undermine its campaign for independence from Spain. Pujol (84), who governed Catalonia for 23 years as leader of the Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya party, issued a statement on July 25th in which he admitted he had only just declared to tax authorities an inheritance he received in 1980. “I admit all this with much pain, due to what it means for me and my family,” Mr Pujol said, adding that media speculation about his finances had prompted the move.


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Catalan nationalist conman



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