One to Watch: High-Flying Spanish Model Nerea Arce Reply

Nerea Arce model

Summer Fashion Special: Bathing Suits–Another weekend is over, another Monday is here so, what better way to celebrate the start of another week, than by giving you another beautiful model as our One to Watch for today. We have given you a lot of different models from all over the world over the years, yet there have not exactly been many Spanish models on our lists, which had a big influence on our choice for today. 

We know for a fact that there will be quite a few of you out there who have already heard of the Spanish model Nerea Arce, especially if you are into your modelling. Nerea Arce has been in the modelling industry for quite a few years now, working with a lot of big names in modelling and, as some of you will no doubt already know, she finished third in the 2007 Miss Spain contest.


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Nerea Arce model


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