“Vengo,” Spanish Gypsy Flamenco Film Reply

Tony Gatlif's "Vengo"

We’ve already published an extract from this passionate French film shot in Spanish about a Gypsy blood feud, but we suspect you may enjoy seeing the complete version. Antonio Canales, one of Spain’s great flamenco dancers, plays Caco, a Gypsy patriarch who runs  a whorehouse (“lupanar” in Spanish, “fox den”). Destroyed by the death of his daughter he drowns his sorrow in alcohol and bacchanalia against a backdrop of blood and revenge. The film  pays homage to the Gypsies of Spain’s south, with lots of great flamenco guitar, song, and particularly dance.


See full film (1 h. 23 min.) in Spanish: http://youtu.be/qrN8Wo6RY4U

Tony Gatlif "Vengo"


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