Spain’s Pro-Choice Movement Takes to the Screen Reply

Pro Choice Spain

There aren’t many films that do not seek to turn a profit and which are available to view online for free the day after opening nationwide. But for the makers of a new documentary about the campaign against Spanish government plans to introduce stricter abortion legislation, these are desperate times. Yo decido. El tren de la libertad (“I Decide. The Freedom Train”) opened Thursday, July 10 in cinemas, cafes and cultural centres across Spain and entrance was free of charge. Today it can be seen on the internet. It has been made by a collective of nearly 80 female film-makers, who aim to contribute to a cause they feel is “just and urgent: to ensure that neither in Spain nor in any other country the rights of women to decide freely regarding their bodies and sexuality are pushed back or renegotiated”.


Read more and see video on Irish

See the 42-minute film (Yo Decido. El Tren de la Libertad) on You Tube:

Pro Choice Spain


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