Spanish Guerrilla Street Photography Reply

Sergio de Arrola

Carl Pettit for Huffington–Sergio de Arrola is a Spanish guerrilla artist and photographer who is uncomfortable with the moniker “artist.” His work ranges from portraits taken in South America to a photo essay of American life shot while pedaling his bicycle from New York to Los Angeles in 48 days. Sergio’s mission, it seems, is to depict the world in black and white, as well as striking color. These days, one of the Spaniard’s most attention-grabbing projects involves “pasteup” large format printing and his “Banksy” style guerrilla street art displays. In the dead of night, Sergio and his team stealthily paste massive images all over Madrid. Glue, rollers and huge photos are the basic tools this photographer employs in his efforts to transform the various barrios of Spain’s capital.


Read more and see the photos on Huffington Spanish Guerilla Street Photography.

Sergio de Arrola


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