World’s Most Expensive Restaurant Opens in Ibiza Reply

Sublimotion Restaurant Ibiza

Digital–If traveling to Ibiza in the Balearic Islands this summer, put around 1,500 euros per person aside for an exclusive meal while you are in town. Yes, that is around $2,075 per head, at what will probably be the most expensive restaurant in the world. Are you wondering what on earth you would get for this exorbitant fee? Well, diners at the SubliMotion restaurant in the upcoming Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza in Spain’s Balearic Islands will be treated to the very latest in “avant-garde gastronomy” in a literal “theater to the senses.”


The restaurant, opened in the “party capital of the world” on June 1, is in the tender, expert hands of Paco Roncero, a chef extraordinaire with two Michelin stars and three Repsol Suns under his belt, previously at “La Terraza del Casino de Madrid.”

Read more and see five-minute video:

Sublimotion Restaurant Ibiza


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