Planet Appetite: MarrakChef Culinary Competition, Marrakech, Morocco Reply

Marrakech gastronomic competition

(This post is more about Morocco than Spain but, like it’s author Rupert Parker, we’re great fans of both places.) Huffington, Marrakech–I have a long love affair with Moroccan food and like nothing more than to dust off my tagine pot and make one of those aromatic slow cooked stews. I even make my own preserved lemons, with great success, I have to admit, and there’s an ample supply of couscous from the Algerian stores, close to my house. So an invitation to travel to Marrakech and taste the creations of gourmet chefs from Europe is well received. Even better, I get the chance to take part in the judging, along with my fellow journalists and an expert panel of Moroccan chefs.


Here’s the link to the lavishly illustrated article:

Marrakech sheeps  heads


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