Media-Savvy Princess Becoming Spanish Queen Reply

Spains Leticia Felipe

New King Must Appeal to Spaniards Who Question Value of Royalty

David Román writes for the Wall Street Journal, MADRID—Once upon a time, a television news anchor left her job to marry a prince. The following year, on the day of a gala ceremony for winners of an award given in his name, she persuaded him to skip lunch and practice his speech.

Royal watchers noticed the difference that evening nine years ago: Instead of his usual plodding delivery, eyes glued to the text, the prince put stress on the takeaway lines and glanced up to engage his audience of honorees, who included American economist Paul Krugman and Italian writer Claudio Magris.


“You could tell he had been well coached,” said Alfredo Urdaci, once the TV anchor’s boss and now the head of Ludiana, a PR firm, who described the preparations in an interview.

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Felipe Leticia Spain


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