The Art, Parks and Food of Madrid Reply

Vanessa Yurkevich Prado

As summer gets into full swing, so does the high tourism season in Madrid. But Spain’s capital city attracts travelers year-round to its many museums, parks, and restaurants.

Blouin ARTINFO’s Vanessa Yurkevich takes us inside the The Prado and Reina Sofia museums, considered two of the best in the world, and to the grounds of Retiro Park, just behind The Prado. For art lovers, Spain’s premiere art fair, ARCO Madrid, takes place in the Spring. If you’re searching for the perfect Spanish Tortilla, Casa Dani has it at Mercado de la Paz. In this four-minute video we also take you inside an exclusive members-only club called The Casino of Madrid.


See more at: (and don’t forget to scroll down and see the videos of the Mythical Furies and Madrid’s ARCO Art Fair.

Blouin Artinfo Prado


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