Mallorca Untamed–Wildlife of the Largest Balaeric Island Reply

Cinereous vulture Mallorca

Pure Nature–Though we usually think of Mallorca more as a tourist hotspot than a home for wildlife, some  species miraculously survive, mainly in the rugged Sierra de Tramontana on the west side of the island. “There are still many natural sights to see,” says the narrator of this engaging 50-minute documentary, “but how long can they last?” With this in mind the Mallorcan government, along with the European Union and the Frankfurt Zoological Society are running programs to protect and restore the island’s wildlife.


Foremost among the endangered species, traditional victims of poisoning, shooting, and construction pressure on their habitat, is the cinereous vulture, one of Europe’s largest birds, with a three-meter wingspan. Since being protected in the late 80s, Mallorca’s vulture population has recovered notably, with some birds being sent to reinforce French populations. And there’s more: the wetlands, the small islands, the undersea life…

 Here’s the link to the 50-minute documentary:

S'Albufera wetlands Mallorca



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