Spanish Wineries’ Foray into Food Reply

Spanish wine food

Spanish red wine, cheese and extra virgin olive oil. Fernando Madariaga/©ICEX.

Adrienne Smith writes for Foods from–The Spanish wine business is not just about wine anymore, with more and more wineries branching out into other top-notch gastronomic products from Spain that rely on quality, tradition and brand recognition to make their way into world markets.

Wine, cheese, olives and extra virgin olive oil…. what do these famous Spanish food products have in common? Well, in addition to being the makings for the perfect picnic or tapas party, they are produced, sold and increasingly exported by some of Spain’s most renowned wineries.


Even as Spanish wine exports and their popularity soar around the world, many Spanish wineries are expanding their offering to include a selection of gourmet food products, most notably cheeses and extra virgin olive oils from Spain.

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Spanish Idiazabal cheese

Dorrea Idiazabal PDO cheese factory. Ignacio Muñoz-Seca/©ICEX



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