Sun Sets on Spaniards’ Solar Dreams Reply

solar electricity Spain

The Malay Mail — “The sun could be yours,” the Spanish government promised in 2007, encouraging citizens to invest in solar power. Many who did now wish they could give it back. Tens of thousands of indebted Spaniards have found themselves lumbered with fields full of expensive solar panels whose subsidies have been unexpectedly cut in the financial crisis. “How do I feel? Completely fooled,” said David Utiel, a 37-year-old teacher who invested in a solar plant, recalling the government’s sunshine slogan. “Fooled, swindled, disappointed, disgusted.” He was one of the 62,000 ordinary citizens in Spain who campaign groups say have been caught in a financial sun trap.


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Spanish solar investor

Spanish investor in solar energy David Utiel speaks during an interview in a field of solar panels in Mahora, near eastern Spanish city of Albacete, May 11, 2014. — AFP pic



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