Spanish and Japanese People Have Key to Long Life Reply

Spanish longevity secret

Scientists have been studying the genes of 894 men and women over the age of 100 in Spain and Japan and have found a gene linked to longevity.

It seems that the secret to a long and healthy life lies in chromosome 9p21.3, which has previously been associated with the risk of cardiovascular disease. Centenarians live at least fifteen years longer than the average person in the West. This propensity for long-life is partially genetic, and it appears that there are a number of gene variants that may hold the key to a healthy old age life. The study looked at 152 Spaniards aged between 110 and 111 years and 742 Japanese people aged between 100 and 115 years and the results have been published in the journal Age.


Read more on Euro Weekly News:

Spanish longevity genetic



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