Spanish Mission to Melbourne Reply

Correggio noli tangere

Correggio, noli me tangere (fragment)

Vince Chadwick writes for the Sydney Morning Herald–On a spring morning before opening time, the Prado Museum in Madrid is quiet but not empty. Security guards fan out, cleaners sweep through and a man shines a torch along the frames of some of the greatest Italian renaissance paintings. It looks like a heist, but it is only a precaution – against termites. These works by Raphael, Titian and Tiepolo – many of which have never been loaned abroad – are coming under special scrutiny before they are packed and flown by commercial freight to Melbourne for the National Gallery of Victoria’s forthcoming exhibition, Italian Masterpieces from Spain’s Royal Court.


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Raphael Holy Family

Raphael, Italian 1483-1520. Holy Family with Saint John or Madonna of the Rose. Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid. Photo: Spanish Royal Collection


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