NY Times Reviews Spain’s New Culinary Enfant Terrible Reply

David Muñoz DiverXO

Stephen Heyman writes from Madrid for the NY Times–Hidden at the end of a quiet street in Tetuan, a working-class quarter here that’s home to South American and Chinese immigrants, DiverXO looks more like an amateur art gallery than a Michelin three-star restaurant. The decor is playfully sinister: swarms of black butterflies cover the walls and ceiling; in the wine cellar are giant metallic ants; on the tables are sculptures of flying pigs.

The chef who founded it, David Muñoz, stands out, too, with his mohawk and wooden spike earrings. In an interview one recent afternoon, he described his food as “brutal,” a “gunshot to your head,” and “like porno TV.”

Mr. Muñoz specializes in hyperbole. A meal at his restaurant lasts up to four hours and is designed as much to shock as to delight the senses. Some of the surprises come from the unlikely combination of ingredients — strawberries, coffee grounds, whipped cream and baby squid, for instance.


Read more and see slide show on NYTimes.com: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/03/26/dining/international/David-Munoz-Spains-New-Culinary-Enfant-Terrible.html?_r=1


Plating up DiverXO



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