The Suarez Legacy and Longing for Democracy in Spain Reply

Adolfo Suarez transition

Cristina Manzano writes for The Huffington–The death of Adolfo Suárez, the first democratic PM of post-Franco Spain, at the age of 81, has reminded a depressed and disenchanted Spanish society that there was once a moment when they prevailed over the odds of history. It was the chronicle of a death foretold. On March 21, only two days before his death, Suárez’s eldest son had given a press conference to announce that his father would certainly pass away in the next 48 hours, following a deterioration in the Alzheimer disease from which he had suffered for the last ten years. Suddenly, every minute and line of the mass media was filled with the story, with the success and the demise of the man who had led the country from dictatorship to modern democracy.

Adolfo Suarez 23F

Adolfo Suarez (left) upright during 23F coup attempt in Spanish parliament

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