Spanish Gastro-Tourism Breaks Record Reply

Spanish scallops sauce

From, February 24, 2014–Gastronomy has become the new ‘goose that lays golden eggs’ of the Spanish economy, and hundreds of young chefs are filling cooking schools, turning gastronomy into a mainstay of the Spanish brand attracting 7.4 million international tourists in 2013 alone. This is 32% more, with an average per person spending of 1,170 euros, according to figures from Turespaña. Gastronomy is important to figure in among the factors affecting the satisfaction of international tourists who visit our country, especially in some destinations, according to the most recent Habitur report conducted by the Institute of Touristic Studies (the IET).

gastro tourism Spain

See also the Chef’s Tour of Spain article on Foods from from 2010:,9459,35868_6865876_6920050_4476073_0,00.html

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