Five Must-Visit Hideaways in Spain Reply

alcazar segovia spain

The Herald, March 26, 2014–So you’ve danced the night away in Barcelona, joined the crowd of football fans in Madrid and travelled back in history in Valencia. Think you’re done with Spain? Think again. Here are five Spanish hidden hideaways, courtesy of the tour gurus at Contiki.

It’s hard not to fall in love with San Sebastian. The charming city is situated on the Bay of Biscay, making it a perfect summer getaway location and ideal place to unwind. Stroll through the streets of the old town, wander along the sand for sunset or sink your teeth into some authentic paella, tapas or even some fresh seafood. The back streets of San Sebastian are home to some of the best local restaurants.



The World Heritage listed city of Segovia is certainly not short of an incredible history, with thousands of quirky legends for the storyteller. The vibrant city is a seamless mix of modern and historical buildings.

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