Francisco de Zurbarán Had a Hollywood Sense of Drama Reply

Zurbaran Agnus Dei

Zurbarán: Master of Spain’s Golden Age, Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels, until 25 May, April 5, 2014–It seems suitable that just round the corner from the Zurbarán exhibition at the Palais des Beaux Arts is the Musée Magritte. Surrealism was in the air of 20th-century Belgium, just as much as it was in the atmosphere of Spain. And of course in many cases its leading figures — Buñuel, Dalí, René Magritte — were lapsed Catholics.

Francisco de Zurbaran

Francisco de Zurbarán (1598–1664), in contrast, was one of the most striking examples in art history of the unlapsed Catholic. His paintings express the faith of the Spanish counter-reformation at full strength, but the results are often as disconcerting in their way as a painting of baguettes raining down from the sky.


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