Deconstructing Albrecht Dürer’s Adam and Eve Reply

Dürer's Adam Eve

Spanish multidisciplinary artist, Paloma Navares, comments on Adam and Eve, Albrecht Dürer’s recently-restored oil painting in the Prado Museum. Her discourse is both about  his work and her own creative interpretation of it. Dürer, the painter and engraver, was also a mathematician and an expert in geometry. Perhaps it was that fact that inspired him to transgress the prevailing 8-heads tradition of his time in his Adam and Eve painting, adding a ninth to make his figures more slender. At the end of her presentation Navares makes an interesting point:

“We reach a stage in our lives in which what we have inside isn’t ours. Everything is lessons we have learned, cultural legacies we have inherited.”

Activate English subtitles by clicking on Captions icon beneath video.


Paloma Navares artista



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