Andalusia Heads Telegraph’s 20-Country Good-Life List Reply

Algatocin Andalusian Pueblo

According to a recent article in The Telegraph, Andalusia, Spain’s southernmost region with both Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, is number one in the world for quality of life. Keeping in mind that all of these arbitrary rankings have to be taken with a grain of salt–and this one appears to be a real-estate pitch–there are certainly worse places to live than Andalusia. Whether it’s first on the list or seventh is irrelevant. Ironically, the brief Telegraph description omits one of Andalusia’s most endearing characteristics: welcoming, hospitable people.

The Telegraph says: Andalusia, Spain–Moorish architecture, including the Alhambra, sits alongside thousands of churches and pretty fincas.

People dance and eat tapas over the strains of flamenco. Away from the tourist traps, this sprawling region of southern Spain offers a life as rich in history, culture and cuisine as anywhere in Europe. Here’s their list of the “World’s top 20 places for the good life:”


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