El Hierro: World’s First Renewable Energy Island? Reply

El Hierro Canaries

Daniel C. Jones writes for Inhabitat.com, July 7, 2011–El Hierro, the smallest and southern-most island of the Canaries, made headlines recently after it announced plans to become the world’s first island to eradicate its carbon footprint and run completely off 100% renewable energy sources. The Huffington Post reported how El Hierro will be powered by an 11.5 MW wind farm, 11.3 MW of hydroelectric power and a whole bunch of solar thermal collectors and grid-connected photovoltaics.

The fact that oil will no longer be transported to this remote location will offset 18,200 tons of carbon dioxide alone. These are undeniably impressive statistics and the project represents a wonderful opportunity for Swiss-Swedish power giant, ABB. However there is one problem with the claim that El Hierro is “the world’s first renewable energy island” – it isn’t.

Read more on Inhabitat.com: http://inhabitat.com/el-hierro-the-worlds-first-renewable-energy-island-or-is-it/

El Hierro is also an active volcano. Have a look: http://thecelestialconvergence.blogspot.com.es/2012/01/global-volcanism-el-hierro-anomaly.html

El Hierro Windfarm


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