Prehistoric Paintings in Spain’s Altamira Cave Shown to a Lucky Few Reply

Altamira cave drawings

From Simon Busch for, February 28, 2014–It’s been called the “Sistine Chapel of paleolithic art,” and it’s been closed to the public for more than a decade — until now. Yesterday, five members of the public who entered a draw were given a guided tour of the extraordinary prehistoric paintings within the Altamira cave in northern Spain. The vivid images, up to 20,000 years old, depict an extinct species of bison, wild boar and other animals, along with sprayed hand prints and engravings. The visit of a lucky few to the twisting, 300-meter-long cave — sealed in pristine condition by a rockfall for 13,000 years before its discovery in 1879 — serves a wider purpose beyond their own amazement, however.

Here’s the link to the CNN story:

P.S. Have you filled in the ¡Alegria! readers’ survey yet? You’re still in time to win the fine-art print of the Alhambra. Here’s a link to the survey.

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