Spanish Michelin-Starred Chef Dani García Gets into Airports Reply

Chef Dani Garcia

From the Moodie, March 18, 2014–As one of Spain’s leading chefs, Dani García’s work is rooted in the culinary heritage of the country’s south and the produce for which the region is renowned. His partnership with SSP has seen his values and the flavours he works with translated into the airport market too, principally at Málaga Airport with Lamoraga and the Dani García Deli Bar, which opened last year. A strong Sense of Place is “absolutely fundamental” to his restaurant operations, he tells The Moodie Report/Foodie Report.

“I want people who come to my restaurants to be able to recognise where they are, where we come from, and the food culture of the south in the food we serve,” says García. “This doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate cooking styles or ingredients from other countries, but this must be done with subtlety and in a way that enhances our own cuisine.”

His own upbringing and culture underpins everything García does in the kitchen, though it’s still a challenge to bring it all together at an airport, he admits. “Taking our concept to the airport was challenging in many ways. The main issue was thinking about how to maintain quality in such a demanding environment. But it’s these sorts of challenges that really motivate me as a chef.

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