Irish & Spanish vs. England: The Battle That Sealed Ireland’s Fate Reply


In 1601, Irish patriots, chafing under English rule, conspired with the Spanish fleet to drive the English out. In a dramatic battle around the port of Kinsale, the Irish and Spanish were routed, and Ireland would be denied its independence for three centuries. The Siege or Battle of Kinsale (Irish: Léigear/Cath Chionn tSáile) was the ultimate battle in England’s conquest of Gaelic Ireland. It took place at the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, at the climax of the Nine Years War – a campaign byAodh Mór Ó Néill, Aodh Rua Ó Dónaill and other Irish clan leaders against English rule. Owing to Spanish involvement, and the strategic advantages to be gained, the battle also formed part of the Anglo-Spanish War (1585 -1604), the wider conflict of Protestant England against Catholic Spain.

Here’s the link to Rick Steves Kinsale video:

This link is to the Albatros Ediciones book of The Battle of Kinsale (in English) based on documents from the Spanish archives

This link is to a minute-and-a-half video that discusses the contribution of Galician soldiers to the battle, establishing a fascinating link between Galicia and Ireland:

And here’s one to the Kinsale Gourmet Festival:

Kinsale harbor today

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