Spanish Quince Jelly: Sweet Temptation Reply

Spanish quince jelly

Rodrigo García writes in Foods from Spain, October 25, 2012–From the acidity and astringency of the fresh fruit to the sumptuous sweetness of the final product. This is the path that Spanish quince follows from its harvest in the middle of autumn to its conversion, thanks to its exquisite symbiosis with sugar, into a Spanish sweet known as ‘dulce de membrillo’, or quince paste. International chefs, consumers and distributors are the latest to become enamored with this enduring traditional flavor.

Celebrated Spanish chef José Andrés succumbed to temptation and reserved a spot in his book Made in Spain: Spanish Dishes for the American Kitchen for this sweet and traditional Spanish treat. In fact, this chef from Asturias, who has become the uncontested ambassador par excellence for Spanish foods in the USA, renders a personal homage to quince paste with a recipe “borrowed” from his friends Angelica and Marcos Intriago, the owners of the Despaña shop in New York’s Soho: Sandwich of cured loinManchego cheese and membrillo.

Read more on Foods from Spain:,9459,35868_6908150_6910562_4631089_0,00.html


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