Spain’s Smurf Village Reaps Tourism Bonanza Reply

Juzgar Smurf Village

A small Spanish village that agreed to be painted blue for a Smurfs movie in 2011, has opted to remain Smurfville to continue luring tourists. In Spain, with unemployment at 26 per cent and a heavy debt burden, the influx of tourist dollars into Juzcar, a village of 400 people in the Andalusia region of southern Spain, has been welcome. Three years ago, Mayor David Fernandez Tirado was able to convince his neighbours to paint all their houses Smurf blue as a setting for the movie.

“A person came and asked me if we were willing to paint the village in blue to film the movie Smurfs II. We said ‘yes.’ And we were chosen because … all you see around us is a small town and farmland,” Fernandez Tirado said in the radio documentary The Things We Do For Money on CBC’s The Current.

Since that day, the Smurfs have become an industry for the village. Cafes serve blue Smurf spaghetti, gift shops sell Smurf keychains and T-shirts and local people work as police, waiters and staff at the mushroom museum.


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