Wikipaella on Mission to Save Paella 2

This is paella

From The Guardian, February 24, 2014–Horrified by chefs making paella with ingredients including poached eggs and avocados, three men from Spain’s Valencian region have banded together to fight what they call the increasing “prostitution” of one of the country’s most emblematic dishes. Wikipaella aims to help “police” paella around the world, said co-founder Guillermo Navarro. 

“It’s a dish that’s really trendy these days. And there’s lots of people taking advantage of it and selling what they call authentic, traditional or Spanish paella.”

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  2. If I want an Americanized paella, a Britishizied paella or any other kind of paella that isn’t real, traditional paella, I can make it myself. The thing is, I don’t. Spanish food in its original form, made the original way, Spanish, pure Spanish, old and traditional is what I want. Alegría! keeps those of us who want to stay connected to real Spain a great way to do it. Great blog, great info. ¡Viva Alegría!

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