Spanish Artist/Curator Has Some Fun with the Classics at the Prado Reply

Dolphin Venus Prado

“We’re in the most aquatic room in the Prado,” says Spanish artist, Miguel Angel Blanco, in his introduction to  Natural Histories, the exhibition he curated, on show in the Prado Museum until April 27, 2014. In this three-minute video he comments on the Roman sculpture The Venus of the Dolphin (La Venus del Delfín). The skeleton of a dolphin, lit so as to cast a shadow on the side wall, suspends from the ceiling of the exhibit hall, about which Blanco comments: “It’s not clear if it’s a skeleton or a sculpture…” In all it’s a fascinating and fun show. Don’t miss it if you’re in the vicinity of the Prado this spring.

For English subtitles click on the You Tube button at the bottom, then on the box with the two horizontal lines. For a better view click on the Full Screen icon.

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