Ada Colau Started Spain’s Anti-Eviction Crusade All by Herself Reply

Ada Colau antieviction

From BBC News online, February 18, 2014–Hundreds of families in Spain are evicted every day, after falling behind on mortgage payments – and under Spain’s draconian laws they must continue paying off the loan even after the home has been repossessed. Their main source of support is a determined woman from Barcelona — Ada Colau.

Back in 2009, when Colau organised the first meetings for mortgage defaulters, she was amazed to see hundreds of people turning up. But what surprised her even more was the way they behaved.

“We expected to see lots of angry people in the hall,” she says, “but most were depressed and ashamed. They were embarrassed about discussing their problems. Our government kept telling these people that they were the ones responsible for this situation, that they were to blame. And that message was repeated every day on television.”

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