Disease, the Horse, the Sword–The Spread of Spanish in the New World Reply

Spanish language Americas

This blog post by Texas English teacher and poet, Frank T. Pool, is a brief, if wordy exposition of the expansion of the Spanish language throughout the New World. We found parts of it interesting and you might, too. A language map of the world shows Spanish dominating much of the Western Hemisphere. From the Rio Grande to Tierra del Fuego, most of the contiguous land of the Americas is occupied by Spanish speakers, with the one massive exception of Portuguese-speaking Brazil.

The Spanish first established themselves on the large island of Hispanola. They brought diseases and death unparalleled in human history. A census in 1496 listed the population of that island as 1.1 million people, but by 1514 there were only 22,000 natives left.

Read more on the Longview News-Journal.com: http://www.news-journal.com/opinion/columnists/frank_t_pool/pool-spanish-in-the-new-world/article_b9a23571-b8f7-5a9d-a837-fa2d22701a87.html

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