Help ¡Alegria! Grow–Here’s How 6

Seville April Fair

Photo by Jean Dominique Dallet

In order for ¡Alegria! to prosper it needs sponsorship, which we consider the best way to finance the magazine while maintaining our non-commercial approach. Before committing themselves, potential sponsors, whether institutional (like tourist offices) or private companies (like hotel chains or airlines), want to know about our readers. They don’t need your names or contact information, but they do want to know where you’re from, the subjects you like best from ¡Alegria!, along with information about your location, lifestyle and consumer habits.

What’s the best way for us to gather that information? We think it’s to ask you for it. It’s not that we’re nosey. It’s just that our potential sponsors need to see a profile of our readers before committing themselves to a sponsorship agreement.

So, if you would be kind enough to take a few minutes to fill in this brief readers’ survey, we would appreciate it very much. With luck it will help us to make ¡Alegria! bigger and better for you, our readers.

Thank you very much for your answers. You might like to know what other readers answered. We’ll keep you posted on the results.

Green Spain



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