5,000 Years of Spanish Olive Oil History Reply

Spanish olive oil

From Foods from Spain.com–Since before the Romans till the 21st century, from traditional cooking to avant garde cuisine, olive oil has been an iconic Spanish product, cherished at home and exported to other countries. Not only is it one of the world’s healthiest food products but traditionally it has also been used in cosmetics, medicine and as fuel for oil lamps. (Inferior olive oil is still referred to as “aceite lampante,” only suitable for burning.)

With origins somewhere in the Middle East some 5,000 years before Christ, olive oil made its way west to Spain via the Cretans, the Egyptians and the Phoenicians, who arrived here around 1100 BC.

Here’s the link to the Foods from Spain slideshow: http://www.foodsfromspain.com/FicherosEstaticos/spaingourmetour/INTERACTIVES/Historia_aceite_oliva/index.swf

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