Mendes: Cristiano Ronaldo Is the Best Soccer Player in History Reply

Cristiano Ronaldo Best

Jorge Mendes insists his client, Cristiano Ronaldo, 2013 Ballon d’Or winning forward, has surpassed every other name in football and is now the best player in history. (Mendes would say that, wouldn’t he. He’s a Real Madrid agent.) 

In a recent interview with Spanish newspaper, ABC, Mendes spoke about his the Portuguese star and feels he’s matured since his time at Manchester United, where he won his first Ballon d’Or.

“Cristiano has triumphed everywhere he has played but at Madrid he has reached his peak because he has improved consistently over the past five years. He wakes up every day with the hunger to improve.

“He gets up very early and goes to training, and then he has lunch. He has a careful and balanced diet so he can perform as well as possible. In the afternoon he spends time with his son and has a siesta with him. Then he goes swimming for one or two hours. He’s always doing exercise and looking after himself. After having a light dinner he goes to bed very early, at 23:00.

Read more on Inside Spanish


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