The Mysterious Seventh (or First) Celtic Nation: Galicia, Spain Reply

Celtic Galicia Spain

By Lorraine Boissoneault of–The misty forests and craggy bluffs of Ireland and Wales have long been symbolically linked to the Celtic legacy of the region. But evidence suggests that the Celts traveled beyond the northern islands, all the way down to the sunny shores of northwest Spain. The autonomous region of Galicia, Spain, is the seventh Celtic Nation and the least known of the group. The other six include Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Cornwall, Isle of Mann, Brittany, and France. Note: We think Lorraine is mistaken about the origins of the Celts, as recent DNA analysis suggests they originated in Spain and moved north. But that doesn’t make her story less interesting.

Beyond the sun and surf of the Spanish coast lie the same mysterious menhirs that dot the Irish countryside, and the region has its own collection of Celtic traditions that continue today — from ancient “pallozas” (stone huts believed to be Celtic) to summer solstice ritual bonfires.

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