Spanish Caveman Becomes Geneticists’ Blue-Eyed Boy Reply

Spanish cave man

Euronews, January 29, 2014–Spanish researchers have unearthed surprising new evidence about what ancient Europeans looked like. Genetic tests carried out on the remains of a caveman who lived around 7,000 years ago have revealed a mix of European and African traits, with dark skin and hair and blue eyes. The human remains were found along with another skeleton belonging to two men in their early 30’s. They had been extremely well preserved in a deep cave in the Cantabrian Mountains in northwestern Spain.

“It’s a combination of features that no longer exists in Europe today. From a genome point of view, this man was European, but he had darker skin than current Europeans, combined with blue eyes,” says Professor Carles Lalueza-Fox, researcher at the CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) in Barcelona.

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