An Uncomfortable Account of How Hispanic Immigrants Shaped the USA Reply

Hispanic Immigrants USA

From, January 2, 2014–There was something a bit grudging about America’s conquest of Puerto Rico in 1898, after a short war with Spain. The “so-called white” inhabitants, the first American military governor sniffed, looked as if they had “Indian blood”. A commander of the defeated Spanish forces was just as contemptuous. Locals went from being “fervently Spanish” to “enthusiastically American” in 24 hours. Both sides missed the import of the moment, argues a new Hispanic history of the United States, the very title of which, “Our America”, sounds like a challenge to a fight.

Our America: A Hispanic History of the United States. By Felipe Fernández-Armesto.W.W. Norton; 416 pages; $27.95. Buy from

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