Spain Takes Worldwide Lead in Wind Energy Reply

Spanish wind power

Eyleen Sheil writes in the Gibraltar Chronicle, January 20, 2014–For the first time in history, wind has been the primary source of electricity in Spain for a whole year, according to a report from the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE), the voice of the wind sector in Spain. This makes Spain the first country in the world to achieve this. The AEE report states that power demand coverage using wind power reached 20.9%, above other technologies including nuclear power, which came in at 20.8%.

Wind energy usage was up over 13% from the year before. On February 2, the maximum coverage of daily demand using wind power was reached, and the market price dropped to a 7.69 €/ MWh low. On February 6th, a new record of instantaneous power was attained, with 17,056 MW at 3,49pm and between 3pm and 4pm, it exceeded the previous historic highs for hourly power, with 16,918 MWh. During the first three months of 2013 and also in November last, wind energy technology was the greatest contributor to total energy production of the system.

Read more in the Gibraltar Chronicle:


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