Madridfusión 2014 Opens Next Monday Reply

Madridfusion posterFrom Food from Spain —Madridfusión, January 27-29, 2014,  the Cumbre Internacional de Gastronomía (International Gastronomy Summit) in the Palacio de Congresos de Madrid, brings together elite chefs and experts in the culinary field to discuss avant-garde trends, the evolution of tastes and new food habits.

The latest culinary creations are launched, new ingredients are discovered and styles, trends and products are merged together. This year’s theme, “Urban Cooking”, will set the tone for this event, during which one-hundred chefs from all over the world will come together in the Spanish capital to share ideas, techniques, flavors and other gastronomic concepts. Big cities (Istanbul, Bangkok, Lima, Washington, Tokyo, NY, Paris, Buenos Aires, México D.F.) and small cities (Brujas, Girona, Agrigento) will be a source of inspiration for international chefs attending Madridfusión 2014. As in other years, this three-day congress will be broken down into a number of different events that include demonstrations, workshops and tastings.

Here’s the link to the Madridfusion website:


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