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Spanish vinegar barrels

Adrienne Smith writes for the Foods from Spain website, 29 May 2012–Originally attributed to an error in the winemaking process, wine vinegar was referred to by the Romans as “vinum acre”, or sour wine. For centuries these aromatic liquids have been lending their pungent and complex aromas to Spanish gastronomy. They continue to do so today, particularly in those areas where their traditional elaboration is protected by a Designation of Origin status. The average Spaniard consumes between 1.4 and 2 liters of vinegar a year; on salads, in typical dishes such as gazpacho, in the huge variety of Spanish encurtidos, or pickled vegetables, and as an aromatic element in both traditional and avant-garde cuisine prepared by the country’s top chefs. Indications are that today’s Spaniards are consuming better quality vinegars than ever before.

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