Has Atlantis Been Found? National Geographic Documentary 1

Tarshish Tartessos Atlantis


All of these legendary cities were said to lie at the end of the known world, at the western end of the Mediterranean in what is now southwestern Spain. They were all renowned for their mineral wealth: gold, silver and copper. And all of them disappeared suddenly. Were they all one and the same, the lost city of Atlantis?

Or were they all just legends? This question has been debated endlessly over centuries. Now science in entering into play. Recently a group of archaeologists from the University of Hartford set out to resolve the mystery with up-to-date high-tech methods, and the National Geographic went along to produce this 46-minute documentary.

The study counted on both on-land and underwater archaeological teams, using electrical current techniques (ERT) capable of reading the subsurface down to 12 meters, and side-scan underwater sonar, as well as satellite and low-level aerial photos made possible by kites and balloons. These advanced research processes yield a fascinating story. Did they discover the secrets of Atlantis? For the answer to that question you have watch the video.

Here’s the link: http://youtu.be/_KWLrUcHfRA

Video courtesy of National Geographic


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  1. Interesting film. I connected Atlantis with Tartessos in White Wall, though in those days you didn’t want to push Atlantis or no one would take you seriously. Seems there are two items here. 1) Whether Atlantis and Tartessos are the same thing. Not at all certain. 2) Tartessos, which clearly was real, though not yet discovered. We’ve known for some time now about the change in the configuration of the coast, and even when I wrote White Wall, that Tartessos was not only real, but that it lay west and south of Sevilla, probably in Don~ana, though possibly upriver a bit, near La Puebla.   Time will tell, but NatGeo has put together their usual commercial stuff.

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