Let’s Pay Homage to the Gochu Asturcelta Reply

gochu asturceltaThe Spanish from all the regions are devoted to their own autoctonous pigs and the Asturians are no exception. In 2002 a campaign was started to protect an almost-extinct Asturian breed of swine called Gochu Asturcelta or the Asturian Celtic pig. Since then its numbers have risen gradually and thanks to a few passionate farmers and breeders, the Gochu Asturcelta is now a common sight–and taste–throughout Asturias. In this video we’re going to see how to roast one in an underground pit and feast on it with friends.

The beauty of this breed of swine is that it’s not suited to intensive methods of rearing and prefers to roam and forage in oak and chestnut forests.This means that the meat it produces is always organic and free range and even though it has a much lower fat content than the more popular breeds it is still full of flavour.

To find out more about this rare species of Gochu Asturcelta, we took our cameras along to the Gipsy Chef Cooking Tour to meet chef Pablo Albuerne, who was hosting an event organised by socio-ecologists, Gaia and Sofia. The event was held on the organic farm of Finca Amaido and was a great opportunity for families to learn some cooking tips from the Gipsy Chef, to witness the Gochu Asturcelta in its natural habitat and to sit down together al aire libre to dine on a gochu asturcelta piglet. The Gipsy Chef  pulled all the stops on this leg of the tour and slow roasted a whole pig in a traditional ground oven.

While we were waiting for the pig to roast we went for a walk with co-founder of Gaia y Sofia, Sebastian Burch who explained to us what makes the Gochu Asturcelta such a unique breed of pig.

Here’s the link to the video: http://www.whereisasturias.com/the-gochu-asturcelta/

Video courtesy of Where Is Asturias.com


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