What the Folks of La Rioja Eat with Their Wine Reply

cordero_riojanoOutside of Spain “Rioja” says “wine,” but for Spaniards, besides their distinguished selection of red wines, La Rioja is also renowned for good eating. The food tradition here goes far back so the traditional dishes are well known and loved both inside and outside of the region (the provinces of Logroño and Alava). The hallmarks here are superior ingredients and few frills.

A good Rioja cook needs only the basics–a shoulder of lamb, some garlic and bay leaf, a dash of red wine, salt and pepper corns to make a memorable meal.

The same rule of thumb goes for other homespun dishes: caldereta de cordero (lamb stew), patatas a la riojana (potatoes simmered with garlic, spices and chorizo riojano), pimientos de piquillo rellenos (stuffed baby red peppers), etc. You can read about it and see the video here, but to get the full impact you really need to experience the Rioja firsthand.


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