Valencian Gastronomy is Paella Plus Reply

This is paella

(Above, the preparation of a paella valenciana “como Dios manda,” “as God commands”). Gastronomically speaking Valencia has it all. It’s not only Spain’s premier rice growing region but it’s also renowned for “la huerta” which provides them–and much of Europe–with a wealth of year-round truck crops. The dryer inland areas produce olive oil. Then, of course, there’s the fish and shellfish from Valencia’s Mediterranean coast.  Take note, however, you won’t find any of those sea beasties frolicking on the top of an authentic, down-home paella valenciana. (See authentic list of ingredients here.) Valencia even exports a lot of wine, though most Spaniards are not aware of that fact.

This three-and-a-half-minute Spanish Tourist Office video offers a visual stroll through Valencia’s version of the Mediterranean diet.

Video courtesy of Spain Info


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