The Reina Sofia Looks Back at the New Realisms of 1957-1962 Reply

Claes OldenburgArt historian and curator, Julia Robinson, put together this exhibition of “objects between ready-made and spectacle” in 2010 for the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid. In this six-minute video she attempts to clarify the early evolution of New Realism between 1957 and 1962, with special emphasis on the European contributors. Despite the apparent dispersion of the show’s content, it is a reflection of a period that concentrates different points of inflection and changes of paradigm, from the “end of painting” to the early use of ready-made and consumer market objects.

 The artists who participated in the exhibit were Marcel Duchamp, Öyvind Fahlström, Allan Kaprow, Yves Klein, Raymond Hains, Piero Manzoni, Robert Rauschenberg, Mimmo Rotella, Jacques de la Villeglé, Robert Whitman, Christo, François Dufrêne, Roy Lichtenstein, Giuseppe Pinot Gallizio, Jean Tinguely, Robert Watts, George Brecht, Jim Dine, Claes Oldenburg, Daniel Spoerri, Martial Raysse, Robert Rauschenberg, Jean Tinguely, Wolf Vostell, Robert Watts, César, Gerard Deschamps, Niki de Saint Phalle, Robert Breer, Ben Vautier, Jean-Pierre Mirouze, D.A. Pennebaker, Billy Kluver y Ed van der Elsken.

Video courtesy of the Reina Sofia Museum


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