The Private Life Of A Masterpiece – Goya’s Third of May 1808 (4/4) Reply

Saturn_devouring_sonThe fourth and last part of the BBC’s Goya’s Third of May series brings the story up to our own time, citing examples of contemporary artists inspired by Goya to evoke the horrors of our own wars, beginning with Picasso, whose Spanish Civil War work, Guernika in 1937, was the most important historical painting of the 20th century. This chapter also discusses the Irish artist Robert Ballagh’s emulation of Goya with his Third of May,1970 painting that points up the parallels between the Napoleonic troops in Spain and the British in Northern Ireland.

 Even Picasso went back to Goya with his Massacre in Korea in which the members of the firing squad look like robots from a science fiction film of the 50’s. The series’ final commentary is chilling: “Eventually we’re all going to face that firing squad.”

Here’s the link to the fourth and final part:

Video courtesy of the BBC


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