Tuna Fishing on Asturian Coast Reply

tuna fishing Asturias

Every aspect of life in Asturias is influenced by the Cantabrian Sea (Bay of Biscay) from its unique weather patterns and temperate climate to industry, food and more recently, tourism and leisure.Asturias has an extensive coastline with many beautiful beaches and fishing towns to explore. It also has an incredible network of rivers meandering through the mountainous landscapes and washing nutrients and food into the sea which creates a frenzy of sea life and makes Asturias a fishing enthusiast’s dream.

Boat rental is available from the marinas of Gijon or Aviles and prices vary from boat to boat. Most of the boats can accommodate up to 10 people but there are larger ones for bigger groups. Being part of a larger group will help keep prices per person down. Lunch is usually provided along with drinks (Champagne, beers, soft drinks etc.) making it a great day out for a group of friends.

To give you a taste of what to expect when sea fishing in Asturias we joined up with keen fisherman Ramon Nicholson and hitched a ride on one of the boats competing in a local fishing competition from the port of Gijon. Filming this was a real joy and the guys on the boat easy going and great fun. From the moment you set off you get a sense of adventure and within a short distance from the coast you’ll start to see seascapes and nature that is normally only available to us via documentaries on TV.

There isn’t any set rental company that deals with the boats so you will need a bit of local knowledge to organise it and that’s what WIA is here for: http://www.whereisasturias.com.

Here’s the video link: http://vimeo.com/58640004


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