Ship’s Log: The Malaspina Expedition 2010 – Around the World Reply

Malaspina 2010 AntarcticaLast Sept. 20 ¡Alegria! ran an article on Alejandro Malaspina, the complete 18th-century mariner: a consummate navigator, adventurer, warrior, diplomat and scientist. As we said then, though he circumnavigated the world twice for the Spanish crown, explored from Alaska to New Zealand, and brought back more scientific information than Captain Cook, he never received the recognition he deserved–until 2010, that is. In that year Malaspina was honored by his adopted countrymen (he was Italian) with a replica-voyage that took a TV crew from Spanish television around the world aboard the navy ship Hespérides to create a series of one-hour videos on his epic achievements. The ship departed from the Bay of Cádiz and spent seven months collecting samples of water, gases and micro-organisms in an effort to update Malaspina’s data. It was the first Spanish circumnavigation of the globe of our time for scientific purposes.

Here’s the link to the first video. It’s in Spanish. If we get enough positive response from our readers we’ll run other Spanish-language videos in the future:


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