Privileged Young International Chefs Attend Spain’s ICEX Training Program Reply

Young international chefs

Each year a group of youthful chefs come from all over the world to the Spanish government’s eight-month ICEX Training Program in Spanish gastronomy for young foreign professionals. When the program started in 2007 it was limited to mainly European participants, but it quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. These young people come here to immerse themselves in Spain’s culinary traditions and to learn both its traditional and modern cooking techniques. Their objective is to discover the secrets of Spain’s gastronomic bounty, and then to disseminate them in their home countries.

“It’s a fantastic idea,” says gastronomic critic, José Carlos Capel. “It’s similar to them learning your language. They come in contact with our products and cuisine and then become ambassadors for our ways of understanding and preparing our dishes.” The students travel all over Spain to become acquainted with its gastronomic diversity, then finish their training in some of the country’s most renowned restaurants. Along the way they have the opportunity to meet and work with some of Spain’s most outstanding chefs.

Video courtesy of Foods from Spain


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