Editor’s Plumbing Update 9

Mike Booth EditorEleven days ago, on October 21, we mentioned here that ¡Alegria! editor, Mike Booth,would be on sick leave “for a couple of weeks.” It didn’t take that long. Booth was out of Granada’s Ruiz de Alda hospital with a set of shiny new coronary arteries just eight days later, and now he’s back stoking up the fires at ¡Alegria! The Joy of Spanish Living. Booth found his experience in a Spanish hospital astonishing. “Everything functioned like clockwork. Everybody smiled and laughed at my jokes, and I was out of there–new–in record time.

“It was like a brief holiday in a high-tech Spanish village,” says Booth. “I never thought of Spain precisely as a world leader in medicine, though it is true that this country has the largest, most-advanced organ transplant program in the world. In fact, after spending eight days on the inside, I wonder if this isn’t what Spain should be exporting: some of those wonderful doctors and nurses.”



    • Thanks for your good wishes, Mel, which I just discovered here. I’m still getting up to speed. Feeling stronger every day and very optimistic.
      Big Spanish style hugs for you and B, Mike

  1. Mike, old friend, so much good living! Our thoughts are with you and your skilled “plumbers.” Barbara and Rosey

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